Most of my courses were evaluated by the Center for Quality Assurance and Development (ZQ) of the JGU. If you are interested in the results, please contact me.


I am a nominee for the Teaching Award of Rhineland-Palatinate (nominated by the Faculty of Social Sciences, Media and Sport at JGU). The prize will be awarded in 2022, after a in-depth evaluation process of 3 semesters and is endowed with 10.000€.


The Political System of Germany

overall 25 courses for undergraduate students

German Basic Law, Constitutional Institutions, Party and Electoral System, Political Participation, Policy-Analysis

Supervision of Term Papers


Parliament and Government

1 lecture for B.A. and M.A. students

Separation of powers, constitutional framework, law-making, Bundestag, Bundesrat, Bundesregierung, tendencies of decreasing parliament's influence

Final Exam


Political Parties and Digitalization

1 course for M.A. students

The course deals with digitalization efforts by political parties in Western democracies. The course first introduces central concepts and key stages of party development. During the secon part, students research, discuss and review (written assignment) papers on the topic (Journal Club). The third part of the course deals with most recent papers and questions of this research field. 

Supervision of Term Papers


Candidates, Campaigns and Political Communication

1 course for M.A. students (course language: English)

The course combines political psychology and political communication. We discussed traits, negative campaigning, gender differences in campaigning, different modes like door-to-door canvassing and social media campaigning.

Supervision of Term Papers


Internet and Politics

2 courses for undergraduate students and M.Ed. students

The internet influences different spheres of politics: participation, mobilization, campaigning as well as aspects of privacy and security. The course provides an overview over these aspects.

Supervision of Term Papers


Political Campaigns

2 courses for undergraduate students and M.Ed. students

Political campaigns intend to mobilize support for a political position or a candidate. The understanding of campaigns combines different aspects of political science: political psychology, political communication and voting behaviour. The course introduces central ideas of campaign research and discusses different cases. During last part of the course, students take a closer look at recent, local campaigns from a comparative perspective.

Supervision of Term Papers


The Digital Divide and its Political Consequences

1 course for B.A., M.Ed. and M.A. students (course language: English)

The course focuses digital inequalities and the influence on democratic values, participation, political knowledge and e-government. 

Supervision of Term Papers


Civil Society - Concept and Comparison

1 course for undergraduate students and M.Ed. students

Development of Civil Society as a concept, MDSD, MSSD, case studies

Supervision of Term Papers


NGOs in Germany

1 course for undergraduate students and M.Ed students

Civil Society, Najam's 4Cs-Model, Governance Apprach, case studies

Supervision of Term Papers


Data Mining

2 courses for undergraduate students

Introduction to data mining using SPSS (sytax based)

Final exam


OLS-Regression and its application

1 course for undergraduate students

modeling and interpretation of OLS-regressions using SPSS

Supervision of Term Papers


Statistics I

5 courses for undergraduate students

Introduction to statistics for students of the social sciences


Professional Perspectives for Political Science Graduates

6 courses for undergraduate and graduate students

Blended-Learning-Course with guests from different professional fields














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